COVID-19 UPDATE: The Covid-19 pandemic has presented significant challenges to the services provided to care leavers on behalf of the Trust throughout 2020. Right Resolution have continued to provide support to all the young people on the project in Northamptonshire and Peterborough through face to face and virtual meetings within the relevant guidelines. They have also been in regular contact with the two local authorities. The Trust has also funded additional counselling services for young care leavers throughout 2020 to address the increasing need for mental health support.

The Trust has worked with Northamptonshire County Council to produce a Leaving Care Guide for all its care leavers, providing them with essential information to support them as they move from care to independent living.

The Trust also supports regular drop-in sessions offering the young people assistance with interview techniques, CV writing and confidence building skills.

We are working with Moulton College in Northampton to introduce care leavers to the wide range of courses on offer at the College and to possible apprenticeships, both in the College itself and with the businesses linked to the College in the fields of agriculture, the building trade, sport, working with animals or other sections of the rural economy. With the support of the College, we arranged and co-ordinated taster days for care leavers at the College.

We have now developed similar relationships with the City College and City Regional College in Peterborough.

Northampton University will be working with the Trust to include care leavers in taster days, Summer Schools and Voluntary Action Groups leading to accredited programmes that build up a young person's C.V. They are also interested in providing mentors to work with Right Resolution to support our care leavers.

We are also working with other local public and private sector organisations and companies to try and secure more apprenticeships for care leavers. A number of our young people have recently started apprenticeships in different fields including Highways, hairdressing and printing and they are flourishing.